Educational and Fun Field Trips!

Arion Therapeutic Farm is currently booking for our early-spring session of educational farm field trips!

Are you looking for an educational and fun field trip destination for your school group?
Let us customize your experience by offering grade appropriate instruction on various subjects that align with most curriculums including;

* Animal husbandry – farm animal interactions, grooming, feeding
* Environmental awareness – recycling & composting
* Agriculture/Science/Ecology – planting, Creekside exploration
* Health/nutrition – food awareness, edible gardening, cooking & life skills classes

Base farm tours are $5/child (or $4/child for 15 or more children) and generally take 1-2 hours depending on the size of the group. *Educational Activities are an additional fee* Parents/chaperones are encouraged to make a donation. Teacher and support workers are always FREE.

We can accommodate small to large groups of children (5-80) and we have many indoor and outdoor spaces for eating lunch. We can provide a single day tour or weekly farm tours with rotating activities.


Book a Weekly Field Trip with Rotating Activities

Book a month of educational field trips and receive stellar discounts!

Customize your farm tour with an educational piece!

Our educational series *Changes with the seasons* offers numerous different learning opportunities for groups to return throughout the year. (Picnic areas and playground also available for use). Recently, Arion has added in grade-based (PK-12) outdoor educational activities; Sample class learning experiences which include a take home item:

Animal fur studies – learn about how animals naturally adapt to winter condition
Migration – which animals stay here in the winter
What plants grow in the winter, using frozen Fall harvest
Vegetables – where are food comes from locally, learn to cook simple soups & jams

Animal shearing and field preparations, purpose of farm animals
Compost turning & spreading, insect identification & purposes
Garden preparation & seedling planting
Reading labels – understand what’s in our food and how to make your own convenient snacks

Hay harvest and land use discussions locally & globally
Creekside park maintenance & habitat exploration
Garden planting & early harvest
Using what we grow – observe different plant based recipes & nutritional benefits

Animals prepare for winter
Late harvest produce, plant maintenance & various uses
Fall clean up – tree identification, pruning and winter preparations
Harvesting & storage – freezing, canning, cooking a plant based Thanksgiving