Hangin' with the Animals


The Pigs

Miss Piggy & Midnight

Llamas & Alpaca

Oreo, Kuzco & Luna

Sheep & Lambs

Sydney, Zelda, Peaches, Elroy, and Pip

Minature Ponies

Bell, Bubbles, Romeo & Love Bug


Cherrie & Marshmallow


Gomez, Otis, Mama, Rain, Elk, Sugar & Spice




Audry, Stan & Rex

The Farm has many residents and most of them have four legs and make funny sounds! It is our primary goal to take the best care of our animals so they remain happy and healthy but we also want to educate our visitors on their care and give everyone a chance to spend some quality time together.

Arion Therapeutic Farm Animal Sanctuary is open during the day but everyone MUST CHECK IN at the Welcome Wagon first. People can only enter the animals pens under the supervision of Arion Therapeutic Farm staff. The animal sanctuary is free for members and $5.00 for non-members (all pricing is subject to GST).

Arion Therapeutic Farm hosts animal related activities like animal shearing, feedings, grooming, farrier treatments and more throughout the year. Make sure you subscribe to our newsletter, ‘like’ our Facebook page, and/or watch our events calendar so you never miss another fun activity!

Gather the Family and come on down to The Farm!

Make it a part of your family time – BECOME A MEMBER – and save money while entertaining your family all year long! There’s ALWAYS something going on.