Empowerment Program

Our young adult program offers a safe haven from the stressors of life today. So many of our young people are faced with immense life altering challenges leading to poor decision making and a downward spiral to lack of purpose. The root of depression; nothing to live for. *At Risk Defined


Our Model:

  • Proven model of success whereby the therapy and healing happens in one place to first create a stable and safe environment
  • A place that offers multiple benefits that facilitates healing while strengthening the body and mind
  • Engaging and purposeful activities that double as life skill and vocational skill development
  • An environment with a natural support system in place; people and animals who understand and offer unconditional love
  • A safe haven to re-establish ones life away from the stressors and memories of the past
  • Healing and growth develops gradually over time with consistent routines and structure
  • Our bodies are designed to be active which is proven to improve learning capacities and self-esteem
  • Our future program will include short-term live-in accommodation options

Criteria:  At-Risk Youth or those living with complex special needs, Ages 16-24 years. This program is highly individualized. Fees and services will be unique to each participant. Spending a day working at the farm offers a myriad of benefits;

  • Love, affection and bonding
  • Healthy new friendships with people who understand
  • Healthy eating and life skills
  • Empathy and unconditional love
  • Accountability and sense of responsibility
  • Physical movement and purposeful brain activity
  • Thinking beyond oneself
  • By giving love you will receive it

Activities are varied depending on the season and time of day;

  • Horse and/or Animal feeding routine
  • Horse and/or Animal first aid and shelter maintenance
  • Farm and garden maintenance
  • Assistance with public tours
  • Food preparation for the farm’s Catering Division
  • Food service at events both on and off site
  • Assistance with therapeutic programs & services
  • Assistance with physically challenged enrolled in programs or drop in visitors