Open Projects

___4699861_origWe are working towards:

  • Building more animal housing that demonstrates compassionate care
  • Developing a Greenhouse for Organic Vegetables and Herb Production
  • Creekside Wildlife Habitat, playground, nature based sensory trail and spaces for relaxation

Our Goals are aimed towards educating more people about sustainable agriculture practices and learning to help and accept everyone.

Accessible Nature Playground

Arion strongly believes that every child, regardless of physical stature, or mental spability, should have the opportunity to play and spend time outside. Arion Therapeutic Farm celebrates diversity and inclusion in outdoor play, but we need your help in creating a play area that is accessible for every child to use. We need people who are forces in the Kelowna community to raise money, find builders and gather supplies for this project!

Projected project cost: 50,000

Possible additions:

  • Painted games area (oversize chess board, chalkboard, mazes, 4-square, ball games)
  • Landforms/topography (exploration of movement)
  • Seating and gathering spaces, for informal play or outdoor classroom
  • Wheelchair Accessible Games tables and work spaces
  • Trees and plants for shade, exploration and creating habitat for butterflies and other wildlife
  • Boulders and logs for climbing, discovery, seating and social play
  • Sand and water and other loose components for manipulation and discovery
  • Rain garden to demonstrate where storm water goes
  • Public Art pieces including murals or sculptures for play and discovery
  • Arbor or trellis for shade and visual interest

Materials and Support needed:

  • Proper surface materials, i.e. rubber titles, flat grass, wood fibers.
  • Landscape Company
  • Earth Moving Equipment
  • Gravel
  • Soil
  • Lumber

We have the space to complete the projects, all we need is your support!



Creekside Habitat Garden Projectscen

The 2-acre section by the creek provides an opportunity to create an area to enjoy trickling water, lush greenery, and all-accessible picnic space. Currently there are small old climbing frame and undulating paths that make it very difficult to navigate in a wheelchair or stroller. With no shade structure and both bridges not secured with railings it is not currently accessible friendly.  We would like to add accessible crushed gravel pathways, raised garden beds, shade gazebo, railings for bridges and improved creek side access for children.

Projected project costs: 50,000-75,000

Materials and Support needed:

  • Soil
  • Plants
  • Gravel
  • Lumber
  • Gazebo
  • Railings
  • Volunteers to Clear Land
  • Landscaping Company

Kelowna need a new destination that embraces nature and offers a safe and peaceful experience to everyone but especially for those who have nowhere else to go.

Think you can help?