Therapeutic Riding


That horses are not riding machines, they are special animals who love to interact with people. Our lesson approach is holistic and a very individual experience. We offer therapeutic horse interactions which often includes riding but this is not the focus.


Each session includes 15 minutes of grooming and light hearted conversation between the instructor, volunteer, the student and sometimes their families as well. (Sometimes the whole family helps to brush the horse!)

The learning element of the session can be mounted or by leading the horse on the ground. There are no set time lines to advance riders. Our approach is a gradual one based on each student’s personal goals and our high safety standards.

All of our lessons have a Horse Handler volunteer to ensure our riders are safe and not advancing too quickly. Children under 6 will not be permitted to ride independently.  All other students must demonstrate they have full balance and control of their horse before they are permitted to ride unassisted. Once independent, the instructor is unable to assist in an emergency situation. (eg. horse startled by loud noise).

People do not need a diagnosed condition to benefit from Arion programs. Everyone is welcome to participate!


Spending time with horses is a multisensory experience. They teach us patience, compassion and unconditional love.


The horse’s walking gait mimics the way a human walks. Sitting on a walking horse stimulates the pelvis in ways traditional physical therapy cannot. The rocking motion exnrouages the core muscles to activate and the leg muscles to relax. The trunk movement combined with various hands on games and exercises results in in improved detexerity, strength, balance and coordination.

Please Contact us for Prices

To become a rider please fill out the Application Form as well as any other supporting documents needed:

Membership And Rider Application Form

Physician Referral Form

X-Ray Verification (Riders with Downs Syndrome must also download this form)

Medical and Behaviour Form

Autism Request To Pay Form 

Please Fill in all required forms before coming to the Arion Farm’s Welcome Wagon. Payments are made at the Office.

“We would like to thank you for the opportunity to complete our Community Service Learning (CSL) at Arion Farms.
We are grateful for the knowledge and appreciation we have gained towards the benefits of therapeutic riding. We are excited to have taken this knowledge back to our peer group and will continue to raise awareness of your services within our community throughout our nursing career. Working with Arion Farms has shown us how nurses can work beyond the traditional nursing skills and fill the needs of services within the communities, such as Arion.”

Elizabeth Green and Nathaniel Kremic- Practicum Students, UBC Okanagan School of Nursing