Therapeutic Horse Experiences


That horses are not riding machines, they are special animals who love to interact with people. Our lesson approach is holistic and a very individual experience. 

* Our Therapeutic Equine Experiences do not include mounted work.



Each session includes 15 minutes of grooming and light hearted conversation between the instructor, volunteer, the student and sometimes their families as well. (Sometimes the whole family helps to brush the horse!)

Equine-assisted learning is an experiential learning approach that promotes the development of life skills for educational, professional and personal goals through equine-assisted activities (click for more information). 

People do not need a diagnosed condition to benefit from Arion programs. Everyone is welcome to participate!



Working with equines provides opportunities to teach critical life skills such as trust, respect, honesty and communication. Equines use mostly non-vocal communication and are in-tune with human behaviour. This can help participants to better understand and learn how our non-verbal communication might be impacting or influencing others in their lives. Equines ask people to be aware of their surroundings at all times. Through interactions with the equines, participants learn a heightened self-awareness. Self-awareness is important in order to reveal patterns of behaviour and gives participants the opportunity to think in a new way. Furthermore, participants gain self-esteem and self-confidence while learning how to work with such a large and powerful creature. In all, equines provide us with a way to see our internal landscape and modes of operation exposed. They offer us the opportunity to experience humility, compassion and challenge - all critical elements to supporting self-growth and self-awareness (click for more information).


1 Hour Session: $75

30 Minute Session: $50

To join the program please fill out the Application Form, as well as any other supporting documents needed: 

Membership and Therapeutic Application Form

Physician Referral Form

X-Ray Verification (Riders with Downs Syndrome must also download this form)

Medical and Behaviour Form

Autism Request To Pay Form 

Acknowledgement of Risk 

Please Fill in all required forms before coming to the Arion Farm’s Welcome Wagon. Payments are made at the Office.

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