Meet Pippin!

Pippin is a wool sheep that has been part of our farm family for 3 years!

Pip's Backstory

In the spring of 2017 we were contacted by a local wool farm when her mom Speckles (now Dora, also part of our farm family- stay tuned for her story!) gave birth to twins, as the smaller, less aggressive lamb her prospects of survival were looking grim. The farmer called to ask whether we had the space and time to take care of and provide Pippin (then Pip Squeak) a forever home.

Pippin became fast friends with the other young sheep that call the farm home Peaches and Elroy and later on when she arrived Bambi. Pippin started off being very shy, but she’s really warmed up to us and occasionally will hoof you to ask for attention.


Truths of the Industry

As wool alone is often not enough to support a farming family generally about 5-10% of total profits on the farms. Sheep are bred yearly and their lambs are taken from them and slaughtered either at 10 weeks for spring lamb meat or 4-8 months for regular lamb meat, a portion of females are kept to produce wool and babies yearly for slaughter. The regular life span of a sheep is 12-14 years.

There are a number of other drawbacks to wool production outlined below in the infographic created by Brave GentleMan.


Sheep Sentience and Personalities

Sheep are incredibly intelligent and have strong family bonds, which is why we always try to keep families together. Pippin's mother was injured and rendered infertile the next year and needed a home, she now lives on the farm, her story and their reunion video is coming soon!

Come meet Pippin and her many farm friends yourself! Book your farm tour today!

The proceeds go towards the feeding and care of our current residents and support our initiatives to rescue more farm animals.

Can't make it to the farm but would like to support our rescue initiatives? Donations of all sizes are greatly appreciated!

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