Arion Winter Newsletter: Big News!

We made it everyone! 2020 somehow felt like it was never ending and over as soon as it started simultaneously. With another year over we would like to send a heartfelt thank you to everyone that supported us this year through participating in tours, donation, becoming a member, and all the other ways. We are always so happy to share our beautiful farm and vision with our community!

We are so grateful for the donations that came in this December, it truly was a blessing this holiday season! Over $3000 of hay was needed in December to keep all our residents happy and full!

Earlier this year we announced that sadly due mainly to financial burden, the farm that Arion currently calls home would be put on the market. Over the holidays the farm sold, we are now gearing up to find a new, perfect location for Arion to call home! We will update you once we locate it!

We will remain open to the public until the end of March 2021! In April we will be moving and we are creating a list of volunteers who would like to help us move in April! If you are interested please email,

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