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We have had so much support from the community this week, we wanted to share some of the wonderful media coverage and feedback we've been getting from visitors!

Global Okanagan joined us on Saturday and spoke with a few of our repeat visitors, including 4 year old Kaedan and his sweet miniature horse companion Belle!

Check out the Global highlight from!

We want to share the amazing therapeutic benefits of spending time in nature with animals, which is why we've decided to offer Annual Memberships for the month of June! If you are interested in becoming a farm member you can learn more and buy your membership here!

Photos from recent visitors: valleyvandal, kaylaalourens & simoneschuster.

We were also featured on Cap News, below is a quote from one of the members of our Horse Lovers Program.

“I’m a coach and I work with mental health a lot, so I know what it’s like when circumstances are happening in your life that are outside of your control. It’s often beneficial for you, particularly in trying times, to go somewhere and do something that might be outside of what you normally do and get into nature. Nature is a massive healer.” - Shyloe Fayad (Horse Lovers Membership Family).

Check out the Cap News highlight!

We have been getting tagged in lots of beautiful visitor posts, we are always so happy to get visitor feedback. If you haven't visited the farm yet and are interested we are open daily, you can book a private Animal Tour or Behind the Scenes Tour through our website (!

Photo from Visitor Andrea Lommer

"We had a great time meeting all of the animals. highly recommended if your looking for things to do with your littles"- Andrea Lommer

Check out this article from Tourism Kelowna!

Summer is coming quickly, if you are visiting Kelowna and are looking for a fun, unique experience, we have recently switched our B&B to an outdoorsy Glamping Experience (

We are always so happy to have visitors, we thank you for all your support!

We hope to see you soon!

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