Arion Farm Updates

Hello to all you wonderful people!

As our moving day gets closer and closer, we wanted to reach out and provide some information. As we are beginning to switch gears to focus on packing, we have reduced the number of tour options, our last day open at the Kelowna location will be May 16th. We have started a Patreon for anyone that would like insider content on farm life. And finally, we are looking for fosters for our rabbits and guinea pigs while we move.

Tour Updates

We have reduced our tour offerings for the time being to focus on packing for the move. The last tour day will be May 16th.


Our Patreon has been launched, we will start adding content in the next couple of weeks. Follow along as we move our residents to their new forever home in Enderby!

Check out our Patreon!

Fosters Needed

We are looking for foster families for our small animals. Cherry and Comet the rabbits and Ben and Phoebe the guinea pigs. If you are interested in fostering, please email

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