Arion Fall Newsletter: Call for Pumpkins!

Happy Fall!!! It's certainly been a strange year, we hope everyone is getting outside and enjoying the beautiful fall weather!

We'd like to share some updates, save the date for our upcoming used tack and horse equipment blowout sale, thank you to various donors, photos from recent experiences, and put out a call for pumpkins.

There is not much to report on the sale of the farm, we had some initial interest but no reasonable offer yet. Stay tuned!

In the meantime, we will remain open daily including public holidays. Last tour moves to 3pm after daylight savings ends, tours can be booked through our website ((

Tis the season!! We would like to put out a call for pumpkins, our farm residents love snacking on fall squashes! Vegetable donations can be dropped off at our Welcome Hut between 9am-5pm!

We would also like say a huge thank you to the FoodMesh program ( people who arrange for the donation drop offs. An incredible amount of food is tossed because of imperfections. Here’s one example of one days pickup. Please appeal to your local grocers to be more discretionary about importing produce.

For some reason there is always a lot of Romain lettuce. Imported produce that is not organic tends to be laden in pesticides many which are banned in other countries. 

Check out Sunnys Instagram ( page for more on her opinion of pesticides!



Emma Choo (aka visited the farm recently, she fell in love with our local sweetheart Blue (who doesn't?)!

Earlier this fall we added drop in and play to our visiting options, this option includes meeting Sunny, our giant pig, and some horses while enjoying our large nature playground. The price is $5/person and there is no time limit (outside of our normal hours 9am-5pm).

For the months of November and December we are offering our horse lovers membership for only $100 per month. Our horses need some love and attention! Come and groom and love your chosen horse everyday if you like, click here for more information!

Sorry Maxwell and Rosie are already adopted!

Finally a huge thank you to all our generous supporters!

We have had a lot of support this month which will go towards purchasing winter (which is apparently happening now) hay!

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