5 Ways to Support Your Local Sanctuary or Businesses During COVID-19

We've entered a very strange time in our history, the duration and impacts of the COVID-19 virus are still unclear. We have come up with a list of ways to support Arion Therapeutic Farm.

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1) Book a low-risk private tour using our Online Booking Software.

Photos from visitor Jillian Harris

Escape the city and experience the benefits of animal therapy during one of our Animal Tours or Behind the Scenes Tours. We provide gloves and your group is booked privately- you don't need to worry about overcrowding! During the tours you will meet and hear about our animal residents, animal therapy provides benefits including stress-reduction. If you will be visiting the farm check out #3, bring your produce scraps and complete two actions at once!

2) Purchase a Gift Certificate to use at a later date or Donate!

Photos from visitor The Travelling Mom (left), other two images visitors captured by us!

If you would like to support the farm, but are uncomfortable participating in a tour in the current climate, we totally understand, we've added Gift Certificates and a Donorbox that allows any donation size. Purchase a Gift Certificate and participate in a tour later this year. This is also a wonderful way to support other small businesses, our local favourites with online options include Salty Caramel Kitchen and Frankie we Salute You!

3) Drop off your Produce Scraps or Bulk Food donation.

Photos of the Welcome Hut where you can quick drop food items and Sunny enjoying some donated apples.

We are always accepting produce, produce scraps, and bulk foods for our animal residents. Some favourites include watermelon rinds, apple cores, and squash. Bulk foods such as oats, lentils, beans, and rice also make excellent donations!

Our no contact drop-off location is our Welcome Hut (photo above). Drop off your food donation any time between 9am and 5pm!

4) Leave reviews of previous experiences on Trip Advisor, Google, or Facebook.

Photos of our current TripAdvisor standing and Elk with a visitor.

Online reviews will improve our visibility and increase traffic once the precautions to flatten the COVID-19 curve have ended. Kelowna (and the Okanagan) is a tourist destination, reviews can greatly increase visibility for visitors planning their trip! This is a free action that you can do from the comfort of your home and is so beneficial for all Farm Sanctuaries and small businesses.

5) Like, share and comment on our posts to expand our reach!

Photos of visitors Rusty snuggles (left), SomethingNu (middle), and a visiting group (right).

You would be surprised at how helpful this can be, social media marketing helps us connect with our customers, increase awareness, and boosts visitors and donors. This is another free and easy action that can be done from your home!

COVID-19 Origins and Changes to Prevent Future Viruses

Lastly we would like to share some information on COVID-19 and some steps you can take to prevent future viruses.

The rise of zoonotic disease began after the introduction of animal agriculture [2]. We have seen a variety of coronaviruses over the years, but COVID-19 is the first coronavirus to cause a global pandemic [3]. The virus appears to have originated in bats and spread to humans through an intermediate mammalian host [4].

The action you can take in your own life to combat these diseases is simple- eat plants. Reduction in demand for animals and animal products for consumption will directly reduce the human-livestock contact reducing the chances for transmission.

Learn more about zoonotic viruses and antibiotic resistance from Dr Greger!

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