Our Story

Arion Therapeutic Farm was established in 2009 as a therapeutic riding facility, over time, we realized that visiting the farm itself was a therapeutic experience that all visitors benefit from. Since that realization, the farm has evolved into a sanctuary that is open to the public, allowing all individuals to experience our serene, restorative farm setting. 

Formerly a registered charity, Arion transformed into a Social Enterprise in 2016 in order to be financially self sufficient. The Arion Therapeutic Farm Community Contribution Company Ltd is a hybrid business model that allows us to be creative in order to generate enough revenue to support our massive overheads and operating expenses. Donations of money, products or time are crucial to our success. We in turn offer people uniquely positive and heart warming experiences by way of therapeutic programs and services. There is something for everyone at Arion. 


Drop by for a visit, enroll in a class or program, volunteer or help a family who would benefit from spending time in our healing environment.

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