Our Philosophy


Our philosophy is that animals and humans are beautifully designed to co-exist each with our own earth purpose. In today’s world, many people have lost (or never had) connection with the land, animals and their food sources. Most are completely oblivious to the horrendous practices that take place in our backyard every day! The scales have tipped and eating animals is now killing our planet and humans. Our goal is to bring awareness to these unspoken issues through educational farm tours where information is shared while enjoying the company of animals that are normally eaten. 


Agriculture (produce) is big business these days but not necessarily sustainable. We are witness to masses of imported produce that is never consumed by humans instead by our animals or in our compost. The busy mainstream world assumes groceries are always in the store and dependency on this. Our tours discuss the impact of large scale chemical farming and cycle of growth for exportation that takes place all over the world. 



No one is judged at Arion and everyone is welcome regardless of diet, race or beliefs. We feel it is important for people to see where their food comes from. Factory farming is rampant in this province and people are generally unaware of what goes on behind closed doors. Even if people eat meat, most would not want to know so many animals suffer the way they do. 


There are a few ways to experience the magic of our farm;