Children's Field Trips

The basic tour includes animal interactions and a discussion of the farm and farm residents, the cost is $10/person. This tour generally lasts about 20-30 minutes. We recommend field trips book additional activities, check out offered activities below


We can customize fun and educational tours for large groups

We can provide education on various subjects that align with your curriculum including: 


Animal husbandry- this can include interactions, grooming and feeding of our resident farm animals

Environmental awareness- this can include discussions and demonstrations on recycling and composting

Agriculture- this can include discussions on organic farming and planting 

Ecology- this can include discussions of biodiversity on the farm and creek exploration

Health and nutrition- this can include discussions on food awareness, edible gardening, cooking and life skills classes

When booking groups for field trips, teachers and support workers are always free, however, parents and chaperons are encouraged to make a donation. We have indoor and outdoor spaces that can accommodate large groups of children (up to 80).  

Arion believes every child should learn about agriculture, experience live animals and spend time outdoors. We’d love the opportunity to speak with you about the customizable packages we can provide to your school!

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