About the Farm

Arion was founded in 2009 initially as a registered charity for persons living with disabilities utilizing horses in therapy and transitioned to a social enterprise in 2016.


We leased many horses over our 12 years of offering this program to our community. Those that became Arion horses gradually needed to retire from mounted classes. In 2021, all remaining therapy horses were officially retired when we moved to Enderby. After serving humans for many years, we committed to giving them the best retirement life possible by allowing them to just be horses. The remaining 14 horses still enjoy the company and attention from people which we venture to offer through our tours and programs. 

Over the years, we also acquired many unwanted pets and intentionally rescued many from imminent slaughter. We believe animals are friends not food

We welcome quiet visitors of all ages to enjoy our piece of Heaven! We guarantee you will leave feeling better than you arrived!

Farm Hours:


We accept cash or e-transfer!


A Community Contribution Company is a hybrid entity where the mission must be community benefit and profits rolled back into the company. 

Winner of the City of Kelowna's prestigious Anita Tozer Memorial Award is awarded to an individual or group in recognition of an extraordinary and positive contribution to the quality of life in Kelowna.

Arion Farm has helped thousands of people feel better through the healing power of animals and the solitude of the natural environment they live in.