We can customize and create anything plant-based within your budget! 

We source (or grow) local produce to create delicious plant-based recipes prepared by program staff and students. We provide delicious plant-based cuisine and profits from our catering service support our amazing farm initiatives, outlined below! 

  • A real-life venue for work experience and life skills program

  • Valuable work and volunteer experience for our youth covering numerous employment sectors; hospitality, food and beverage, agriculture, healthcare, farm and facility management

  • A place where everyone is accepted- where those with special needs work alongside with mentors

  • Agricultural and whole foods culinary education

  • Animal cruelty-free dining

Here is some ideas from our Retreat Menu!

Having an event off-site? Check out our travelling Coasting Roaster Menu!

Arion is currently seeking a grocer partner to provide produce and ingredients for our community kitchen.

Catering Lunch Group Menu

Silver Hills brand organic and sprouted grain bread or bagel with your choice of:

Chickpea toona, Cream Cheez or Tofu Bakon 

(add mayo cucumber, tomato, lettuce)


Seasonal homemade & organic soup


Salsa or humus with organic corn chips


Cookies or brownies choice of

Peanut butter/chocolate chip, chocolate chip (nut free)


Choice of organic herbal teas, local Cherry Hill coffee or juice


$20/person ($17/person for groups of 10 or more)

**add $2/person for Gluten free substitutions

**please advise of any allergies

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