The Creative Center

The Creative Centre at Arion Therapeutic Farm has been created for people to gather, meet, greet and simply relax. The Centre is equipped with a commercial kitchen, 2 small rooms, an overnight respite room, a large room and 3 bathrooms. There is a pool outside and all of these spaces are available for rent.

The hub of the Creative Centre is the kitchen and lounge area. This is where people can mingle, share stories and you’ll often hear someone strumming their guitar or violin. The centre was renovated in January/February 2016 from a pretty simple home-style building into a large, open-concept building that can facilitate The Farm’s new vision of activities and events all year ’round.

Movement Studio

The Movement Studio is a large room perfect for workshops, physical activities and more.

Retreat Suite

The Retreat Suite offers respite in a calm and relaxing environment with complete privacy.

The Creative Centre has been created for almost any kind of activity in a unique Farm setting.

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